Revised SP Gameboard
Revised SP Gameboard

The Revised Game

In order to renew Statis Pro Basketball Base-10, after years of season replays and seasons customization, I have decided to post all the material I have produced in these years, to help fans to play much more with this game. So I have revised the original rules, updating with new NBA rules, adding new rules to carry out NCAA games and FIBA games. Here you will find rules, scoresheet and FAC deck, all revised and tested by me. 

Here you can find some of these materials revised and updated to download for free

Solitaire Scoresheet
Scoresheet for solitaire games, ready to print, made by myself.
Adobe Acrobat Document 85.3 KB
StatisPro Basketball Revised Rules 2015 Edition
Booklet of Rules revised and updated by myself, with new NCAA and FIBA paragraphs, to carry out a game for these different systems of basketball rules.
Adobe Acrobat Document 198.5 KB
StatisPro Basketball Frequently Asked Questions 2017 Edition
A useful collection of Questions and Answers on the SPB Rules, received from gamers and collected in a single file.
Adobe Acrobat Document 271.3 KB
StatisPro Basketball Rules Confrontation between NBA, NCAA & Europe Leagues
A useful table of comparison between the different rules adopted in the NBA, NCAA and Europe leagues like EUROLEAGUE and FIBA Championships.
Adobe Acrobat Document 75.6 KB
SPB Fast Action Cards Revised
200 Fast Action Cards from AH 1993 game, revised and updated in some rating, reproduced with an electronic program. These cards are better than the originals and are ready to print. Also included Timing cards and Double Teaming cards.
Adobe Acrobat Document 185.2 KB
StatisPro Basketball Gameboard Revised - Pdf version
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.3 MB
StatisPro Basketball Gameboard Revised - 4 Pages Pdf version
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.4 MB
StatisPro Basketball Gameboard Revised - JPG version
JPG Image 2.1 MB

Full Color Gameboard for the game, revised and refitted by me. Print this on a cardstock paper or on a light wooden foil and you will have a truly new gameboard ready to use for thousands games.

SPB FAC Extractor
With this tool executable with any excel-similar program, you can shuffle a 200 FAC deck in less than a second! When open the file remember to activate the Macro content otherwise the tool will not work.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 161.2 KB
Same file as above for less recent version of xls programs.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 321.4 KB

Download here an excel version of a Scoresheet to play games in solitaire: keep track of the progression of the game with this useful scoresheet, and it will calculate for you %s, stat totals, minutes played and all the stats of a game, and finally render for you a complete boxscore.

                       SCORESHEET 2.1 FOR FREE

If you are a Basketball Tabletop Games lover, you could try this fantastic and original game!