AH SP Original Game parts
AH SP Original Game parts

The Original Game

Statis Pro Basketball can be played by two Players, approximately in two and a half hours for an entire Pro game. It is also possible to play the game in solitaire, in which case a single player will manage both teams.


The game consists of:

FULL COLOR BOARD: on which the five players positions, the charts needed to the play and the FAC decks areas are printed.

RULES BOOKLET: every rule to play.

SCORESHEET: to track down the stats of the game.

200 FAST ACTIONS CARDS: the core of the game flow, determining everything is happening on the court.

THE PLAYER CARDS: each one representing each player, statistically rated to display his real abilities in each of the following areas: Field Goal Shooting, Free Throw Shooting, Rebounding, Fouls, Foul Drawing, Blocking Shots, Stealing the Ball, Assists, Defense, and Stamina.

Here you can find some of these original materials to download for free

Original AH SPB Rules 1993 Edition
SPB Base-10 original AH rules 1993 edition
Adobe Acrobat Document 8.9 MB
Original AH Gameboard
This is the original AH gameboard, in full color, ready to print.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 4.4 MB
Original AH Scoresheet
SPB original Scoresheet from AH 1993 game.
JPG Image 503.7 KB
SPB Fast Action Cards
200 Fast Action Cards from AH 1993 game, reproduced with an electronic program. These cards are the same of the originals.
Adobe Acrobat Document 126.2 KB
SPB Timing and Defenders Cards
Original Timing cards and Primary Defenders Cards to use with the FAC cards and for double teaming rules.
Adobe Acrobat Document 294.3 KB

If you are a Basketball Tabletop Games lover, you could try this fantastic and original game!