Darius' Base-10 Statis Pro Basketball News

New Cards Format for the 2015-'16 NBA Season


 A new format for the Classical Black & White Players' cards has been launched from 2015-'16 season: a Black White format with main season Players' stats as already present on the Full color format since the 2010 season (see example).

This new Classic 'Plus' format (this is its name) is a try to give gamers more info on the Players in respect of the traditional StatisPro Classic format, without colors and graphics, as you could find in the Full color format.

Let me know if this format is of your taste, because from the 2016-'17 season I will offer cards only in two different formats: Full color and Classic PLUS (this format), discontinuing the Original classic version without players' stats.

Obviously with no price difference between formats.


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